Actress Rola Hamada bids farewell to the viewers: Thank you


Actress Rola Hamadeh bid farewell to the viewers of the series “Min Al Akher”, which is about to end, and expressed her happiness to participate in the work that was welcomed by the followers.

She published a series of tweets on Twitter and said: “After in a single episode of the series“ From the Other ”and it ended. Thanks to all those who followed him and lived with us all the sweet and bitter feelings, who clung to the characters and became afraid of them and their reactions.

And she continued: “Thank you to all the employees of the series, including technicians, technicians, clothes, makeup, lighting, photography, sound, decor, catering, production and management, actors, directing assistants, script, screenwriters, technical director, director of photography, writer, director, production company, and all those who left this journey we lived are possible and beautiful.”

She concluded: “Certainly a big thank you to every colleague who participated and put every effort and love in her work. Bye”.

The social drama series, which has recently started airing on the Lebanese “MTV” station, the “Dubai” station, the Jordanian “Ruya” station and the ART tv network are admired and appreciated by the Lebanese and Arab public, who eagerly anticipate all the characters of the series, from “Ward” and “Yasmine.” “Tara” and other characters who live between Beirut and Dubai have crises and stories of love, remorse and hope, especially since the story of the series begins with the end of a relationship and the beginning of another in a strange case that brings together the three characters Rita Hayek, who is Mutasim al-Nahar’s wife in the role of (Ward al-Omari) and discovers her husband’s betrayal of her. With Cynthia Samuel, their relationship becomes strained and they ask him for a divorce. Later, she gets to know Badi ‘Abu Shakra, who is her son’s doctor who treats her after suffering an illness, and a friendly relationship develops between them and he extends a helping hand to her.


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