Abu Jabal Asad Areen Zamalek writes a testimony of his brilliance in front of Raja .. Video


Mohamed Abu Jabal, goalkeeper for Zamalek and the national team, succeeded in leading his team, Zamalek, to cross Moroccan Raja in the semi-finals of the African Champions League with a clean goal, after the goalkeeper shined in defending his own goal, and responded to more than a dangerous ball that could have changed the result.

Abu Jabal lives this season’s brightest football season after he led Zamalek to win the two local Super Championships against Al-Ahly by addressing two penalty kicks, as well as the African Super against Esperance of Tunisia last February, and today he succeeded in leading Zamalek to put forward the final match after winning over Moroccan Raja.

The Zamalek team won an impressive victory over Moroccan Raja with a clean goal during the match that brought them together this evening, Sunday, at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca in the first leg of the CAF Champions League semi-finals, and thus the White is close to climbing to the CAF Champions League final and that the decision will be in the return match next Saturday In Egypt.

Zamalek played the match tonight by forming a component of, Muhammad Abu Jabal, in goalkeeping, in front of him the four-wheeler Ahmed Eid, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, Mahmoud Al-Wensh and Abdullah Jumaa, and in the middle Tariq Hamid and Ahmed Sayed Zizou, in front of them the trio Ashraf bin Sharqi, Youssef Obama and Islam Jaber and in the attack Mustafa Muhammad.

The Raja Formation included Anas Al-Zeniti, Abdel-Ilah Madkour, Fabrice Najah, Badr Bannon, Elias Al-Haddad, Omar Al-Arjoun, Fabrice Nujoma, Abdel-Ilah Hafizi, Mohsen Metwally, Sufian Rahimi and Bin Malango

The start of the match came quietly from the two teams as both wanted to “feel the ball” and that Raja was the first to control the midfield area and tried to visit Abu Jebel’s net, but Al-Abyad’s defense held firm and responded to the divergent attempts by the landowner.

On the other hand, Zamalek relied on organizing the game well in defense and form attacks sporadically, and Ben Sharqi and Zizou resorted to a weapon of shooting from outside the goal area.

Raja’s performance declined in return for Zamalek’s control over the course of the match. This control resulted in Zamalekawi’s goal through Ashraf bin Sharqi in the 19th minute after Ahmed Sayed Zizou played a wonderful cross from the right. Ashraf bin Sharqi rose to it and hit it with his head in the net of Raja’s goalkeeper announcing the goal. The first for Zamalek.

After the goal, the performance of the two teams was clearly activated, although the real danger was still far after the goal of Zamalek, in the last minutes of the first half, Raja tried to score the equalizer and saved Abu Jabal a dangerous opportunity from Sufian Rahimi, and the game was limited to the middle of the stadium, to end this game with Zamalek advancing with a clean goal.

Second half

The second half began with a clear activity on the part of Zamalek, who clearly pressed, taking advantage of the retreat of the Raja players who were performing a lackluster performance, and the most famous Cameroonian referee today Nyant was a yellow card for Zamalek goalkeeper Abu Jabal for wasting time in the 55th minute, and Zamalek tried to score a second goal through Ben Sharqi, the star of the match, with Zizou, Sufyan Rahimi led a dangerous attack to hope and was obstructed by Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, but the Cameroonian referee refused to consider any errors of the landowner.

The referee calculated a direct free kick to Raja, but it bounced against the human wall, to return and pay more than one player from Raja a dangerous ball that Abu Jabal shone and responded to, and Raja continued to control the meeting clearly, looking for the equalizer.

With the match nearing the end, the landowner continued to press, as Zamalek tried to take advantage of the counter-attacks by scoring a second goal, and Mustafa Mohamed got a yellow card in the last minutes, and then the match ended with a significant victory for Zamalek with a clean goal.


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