Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition presents “The Story of a Dress” – Thought and Art – Mirrors


The Emirati Social Foundation, 81 Designs, in cooperation with the specialized design workshop from Jordan, is carrying out the Naqsh Collective in a special project to create a group of Palestinian dresses under the title “The Story of a Dress”, which embodies a deep-rooted heritage and stories from the ground, to be reviewed at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition in Nov. The traditional robes have been re-designed to revive and depict the ancient heritage.

And by transforming them from a national costume in the Arab countries to a new visual language. The originality of the Arab culture is evident in the scale of its rich works, and its minute details, to be re-photographed and revived. Ten pieces of art were handcrafted and embroidered by talented Palestine refugee women working at 81 Designs, each piece reflects embodied stories from the Naqsh Collective that showcase experiences scattered between Palestinian cities: Jaffa, Acre and Gaza.



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