“Abla” at this time on “Netflix”


After continuous preparations since last August, Netflix announced the upcoming showing of the “Drama Queen” series, starring Abla Fajita. The Facebook page of the world’s leading official entertainment service provider for the MENA region has published the date of the broadcast of the drama. She pointed out that in the first quarter of next 2021, the project that brings together the famous Egyptian doll with a bunch of Egyptian actors, including her two sons Caro and Bodhi, in addition to the star Bassem Samra, Donia Maher and Osama Abdullah, will be revealed. The series is considered a satirical comedy, and it narrates the details of what happened with the doll, which achieved records in terms of viewing and very wide popularity when it presented its program “Live from the Duplex” on Egyptian screens. Also, “Drama Queen”, which is considered the first experience of a fajita fajita of this kind, reviews the human side of the doll, which finds itself in pursuit of justice, which forces her to separate from her two children.


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