Abdou Yaghi, the surprise of the first episode of the Voice Senior- (video)


Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”:

The first episode of The Voice Senior Program As an outlet for the Lebanese and Arab audiences yearning for entertainment at the time of Corona, which paralyzed the soirees, parties and various artistic programs, and accordingly, the first episode witnessed a percentage of viewership of a banner that withdrew on social networking sites leading the “trend” at the same time.

The episode’s opening was marked by an introduction Members of the jury Najwa Karam, Samira Saeed, Hani Shaker, and Melhem Zein, the song “I am all that I say repentance” by the late Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, is part of an impressive performance painting.

Then, the participation of talents who are 60 and over, singing in front of the jury, which managed entirely for the first participant, Faisal Al Hallaq from Syria, who performed the song of the late musician Melhem Barakat “Karmal Al Nisiyan” and joined Najwa Karam’s team after revealing that he was her neighbor in Zahle during the youth .

As for the second participant, Danny Hatem from Lebanon, who was not lucky because no one from the jury had turned around, and she announced that her participation lies in the fulfillment of her father’s dream, and revealed that her son is the artist Mark, who had a participation in the program in his French version, and advanced with his brother to the stage Where they included their mother and sang to her sensibly, a clip from the song “Les yeux de la Mama”, which reflected an influential atmosphere on the stage that Najwa Karam clearly expressed.

The next participant is Souad Hassan from Morocco, who sang the song “Arouh Lamine” by the great late Umm Kulthum, and she won the admiration of the jury, who drew her full attention, but chose to be in the star Samira Said’s team, who was joined by the other participant, Youssef Bajabir from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi, who sang the song “Red Salami,” by Muhammad Abdo, while he was playing it himself on the oud.

As for the surprise of the episode, the Lebanese singer Abdo Yaghi, who won the gold medal in the Studio El Fan program, with a score of 70 successful and famous songs, presented a loyalist and the song “Yasliat Al Zein” by the late Zakaria Ahmed. Yagi.

Abdu’s daughter, artist Brigitte Yaghi, was also invited to the theater, so she sang a section of Mrs. Fairouz’s song “Steps Your Foot”.

Followers interacted with the participants and their comments withdrew through social media, and what most surprised them was the participation of the artist Abdo Yaghi as a talent in the program instead of his position in a jury, and some pointed out that everyone was surprised by the participation of Yagi, including the star Melhem Zein, who told him: We learn from you. ”Some described Yaghi’s participation as an insult to his artistic history, especially after his participation with the Rahabana and the artist, Romeo Lahoud, Sabah Fakhri, and the festivals of Jerash and Omar Khorshid and others.

On the other hand, some found, with the participation of Abdo Yaghi, an addition to the program, especially its version intended for professionals who had been absent from the artistic scene to give them a new opportunity to come back again, and one of them liked Abdo’s participation after a long absence with a program that enjoys a remarkable viewing rate (Harzana), especially since there is an entire generation that does not know Abdo In person, and with this appearance, he gets to know him and his successful songs, most notably “Ya Bou Al-Sawad”, “Ali Kasak” and “Laila Leila Ya Bint Al-Nas” and other beautiful songs.

Among the commentators on the course of the episode was the Lebanese actor Bassem Mughniyeh, who criticized Najwa Karam and Melhem Zein for not being aware of the artist Mark Hatem, the second participant, who was not lucky in the program, as he tweeted surprisingly: “With my love for Najwa Karam and friend Melhem Zain. “Does anyone of you know Mark Hatem ??”. However, Bassem later praised the star Melhem Zein, saying that he had decorated the program, according to what he announced, saying: “Melhem Zein decorated the program The Voive is natural and sober.”


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