A virtual BTS concert attracts over 100 million followers


The seven-member troupe held the virtual event after canceling its initial plan to stage a live performance for a limited audience, in line with the South Korean government’s tight restrictions on social distancing. The band had already canceled their earlier announced world tours.

The concert was watched by an audience of 114 million, driven by the success of the song (Dynamite), which is the band’s first song (BTS) In English, which topped the list of the top 100 songs last month.

As the band performed, a back wall of small screens showed thousands of fans joining from all over the world, many of them waving light sticks. A chat room was opened to allow followers to post their comments to coincide with the ceremony.

In Seoul, a small group gathered at a café for BTS fans to watch the concert together, wearing masks and observing the rules of social distancing.


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