A video confirms the IPHONE 12’s water resistance


Apple confirmed in its official announcement about the IPHONE 12 series of phones, to support the new versions of water resistance standards, and a video clip recently published on the YouTube platform confirmed the efficiency of the water resistance feature.

The water resistance efficiency of the IPHONE 12 was tested via the EverythingApplePro EAP channel on the YouTube platform, where the video clip reviewed the water resistance efficiency at near depths and also when the phone was submerged in deep water, and the same tests were performed on the previous version of Apple iPhone 11.

The video clip confirmed the ability of the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 to resist water at a depth of 2 meters in the first test, as the two phones were able to resist water for 30 minutes, and the screen, touchpad, and microphone also continued to work well after the test was over.

The two phones were also immersed in the second stage in water with a depth of 5.49 meters, as the two phones were also able to pass this test well, and then the efficiency of the two phones’ water resistance was tested at a depth of 9.14 meters for 21 minutes, which confirms the efficiency of the water resistance feature in the versions of Apple Until now.



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