A terrifying photo shoot for a child on a train rail in celebration of Halloween “nun” style


A graphic simulation similar to the foreign horror movie “nun”, which embodied the terrifying character of the eight-year-old child Rival Ahmed, a student in the third grade of primary school, who was chosen for her in a deserted and dark area, and the girl underwent a filming session that seemed terrifying at first sight.

The idea came when her mother wanted to do a scary private photo session coinciding with the preparations for Halloween celebrations, due to Reval’s love for photography and the camera. The contests for groups on social media changed her love and love for the camera. “She added:” Rival saw the film, but the cameraman saw a picture and kept asking her about the poses, and when did her age appear and when she did a reaction and was very obedient throughout the filming session. “

As for the location and filming of the session, Mohamed Ramadan, the session photographer, said: “It is not the first time that I deal with Reval, because she loves photography and acting, but she is not tired. The effort is doubled, but the best thing appears in photography, especially by changing the features and the shape of the places that we use as the photography. “

The photographer added that the photo session took place in one of the locations in the Maadi area, on a railway that is not working, and added: “The area is not deserted, on the contrary, it has people and lighting, and I worked on the pictures so that it appeared as if the place was cut off. The reactions and people thought of her a big girl. “

Rival in character

Movie nun character

One of the photoshoots
One of the photoshoots


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