A strong blow to “Mortada” because of “Al-Khatib”


Sunday, 10-25-2020
07:46 PM
Tayeb Hussain

The Olympic Committee intends to reject the complaint made by Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, against Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club, and Al-Amry Farouk, Vice-Chairman of the Council, and Brigadier Mohamed Morgan, Executive Director of the club, due to the failure of any official from Zamalek to attend the two investigation sessions. The commission has set it on October 15-22.This came according to an official source at the Olympic Committee, who stated that the board of directors will adopt the rejection decision issued by the head of the permanent investigation committee of the committee during the next meeting.

The investigation committee of the Olympic Committee had set October 15 to attend an official from Zamalek to investigate the complaint, considering that Zamalek is the complainant, and therefore the head of the investigation committee asked to hear the justifications for the complaint from one of the Zamalek officials, before Al-Ahly officials were summoned to respond to what came in the complaint. Zamalek, except that no official from Zamalek attended, which made the investigation committee summon an official from Zamalek for the second time to hear his statements for the second time, on the 22nd of the same month, but the Zamalek official did not attend, which made the complaint as if it did not exist.

The Olympic Committee had taken all legal measures to investigate the complaint in accordance with the Sports Law No. 71 of 2017, the statute of the Olympic Committee and the code of conduct, values ​​and ethics, and the complaint was referred to the Values, Clubs and Bodies Committee, which in turn referred it to the permanent investigation committee formed by the board of directors. The Olympic Committee, which took legal measures to investigate the complaint, and the beginning was by summoning an official in Zamalek to hear his statement.


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