A shocking look for Bossi, who confused her audience with her beauty, and thus she became 66 years old. Al Marsad Newspaper


Al Marsad Newspaper: A look surprised the Egyptian artist Bossi, the wife of the late artist Nour El Sharif. Her fans after her aging and the appearance of signs of grayness and clear on her in her first appearance after her disappearance for a long time.

The appearance of the artist, Bossi, 66, came during her attendance at the “Cinema Egypt” show by the artist, director Khaled Galal, and surprised her followers with this appearance by changing her features significantly. While a number of the heroes of the show were keen to take memorial photos with the artist, including the artist Shaima Abbas, who published through her account on the “Instagram” a photo that she collects with the big star. As she appeared in her wearing medical glasses, and it became clear that there was a change in her shape.


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