“A Saudi Investigator in the US Police” in Al-Jawf Literature


Al-Jouf Literary and Cultural Club organized a discussion session with the writer Nadine Al-Siyat, author of the book “A Saudi Investigator in the American Police,” at the Al-Jawf Cultural Center.Al-Siyat reviewed her studies in criminal justice, her training with the American police through investigation sessions, police patrols, and work in the forensic laboratory, up to her current work as Director of Security Verification at the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation. The attendees’ interventions focused on praising the success of Saudi women in assuming great responsibilities and tasks, in addition to the most important situations that Al-Siyat faced in her work in the investigation of the American police. At the end of the session, President of Al-Jouf Literary and Cultural Club Abdulaziz bin Saud Al-Nabat honored the participants in the session, thanking them and the attendees who enriched the session with their interaction.


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