A Saudi-Emirati boycott and an Egyptian boycott of Erdogan products


Turkish product deficiencies_ Erdogan

In a painful blow to the arrogant Othmanly who does not stop insulting and insulting others, a decisive Saudi campaign to boycott Turkish products was launched after the successive attacks carried out by the madman in Istanbul on large countries with a sacred status such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as these attacks were won by an important country with great significance. Like the United Arab Emirates,

for example :

The expected Caliph tweeted the following:

“Some countries in our region did not exist yesterday and may not exist in the future, but God willing, we will continue to raise our flags in this region forever.”

However, with all bravado, he makes many of those lengthy statements while walking next to the leader of the Qatari gang shoulder to shoulder, without directing his words to the State of Qatar, which does not exist on the map of the region, which was the first with his words.

But it is the lack of logic and objectivity that accompanies the psychological disorder and accompanies interest and interest wherever they are.

What angered Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, as these words are nothing but a clear notch that no one can mistakenly and transgression stems from arrogance and arrogance.

The Saudi boycott campaign began unofficially for all that was made in Turkey, but soon it obtained an official support force resulting from a real and effective desire from the people of the Kingdom, who met their official bodies strongly support their desire.

The head of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ajlan Al-Ajlan, announced that there is an official boycott of everything that is Turkish represented by three nos:

(No investment, no import, no tourism).

Certainly, the Turkish economy will be affected unprecedentedly after its products and important brands have departed from the two largest countries in the Gulf region and the most important sources of Turkish income, commercially and in tourism.

This is about the firm Saudi-Emirati position that struck this Muslim Brotherhood who aspires to return to the caliphate to Istanbul with a death that was indispensable, as the country’s economic conditions can no longer tolerate more.

But it is really the least that it deserves in terms of punishment in the world until the time comes to reckon with God Almighty.

This defect has devoted his country’s financial resources to financing and supporting terrorist groups as branching branches of the parent group to which he belongs (the Muslim Brotherhood). MDF,

In addition to his interventions that indicate a clear desire for the return of the outdated idea of ​​occupation and expansion, in preparation for the return of the Sultan to the defunct Ottoman state,

Those that were a symbol of cruelty and brutality in one of the famous historical periods, and which this dreamer still repeats memories of its glories, which were founded on the corpses of millions of innocent people and floated and crossed over seas of forbidden blood.

End :

(I invite the stubborn Egyptian people to overcome difficulties, a symbol of resilience and defiance):

By immediately joining the two campaigns for the Saudi-Emirati boycott of everything Turkish,

If Egypt officially and popularly joined the serious boycott, it would be the final blow, as the edges of the triangle would be completed for the three most important countries in the region.

And in this sufficiency to deter and discipline this unbridled Brotherhood and put an end to his continuous abuse and his participation in all forms of material and moral support in the series of ruin whose episodes in the region continue in the hope of eliminating it and subjugating it to his plans and those who move it and share it with his ambitions, which will never get him, God willing, and Save it.

Egypt’s people :

Let us seize the opportunity that will not be repeated with the participation of the Kingdom and the Emirates and support the boycott process with all the strength, determination and ability to dispense that stems from ourselves rich in contentment and contentment.

Turkish product deficiencies _ Erdogan


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