A Saudi designer: gowns for “Corona” … and pockets for sterilizers – Saudi Arabia News


Abayas designer, businesswoman, Abeer Al-Mosaed revealed that the Gulf woman’s view of the abaya is no longer as it used to be just black, but rather represents the wearer through colors, touches, design and so on, confirming that through a marketing study conducted on the abaya market in the Kingdom and through the exhibitions that It was held in the last period, and a number of designers participated in it, and they reached the conclusion that the woman’s culture around the acquisition of the abaya has changed, noting that the use of the abaya in the past was limited to one to two abayas, but nowadays the woman has more than one cloak and more than one choice, based on Marketing studies of the market, girls from 18 to 24 years old have 4 to 6 gowns, including those designated for the university, including for trips, anniversaries and weddings. The marketing study also revealed that female workers in leadership positions and prestigious jobs have between 5 to 8 gowns, and there is the velvet layer of women. Business and society have more than 10 gowns minimum.

The assistant pointed out that the average price of gowns in the past was between 300 to 500 riyals, while at the present time it reaches 10,000 riyals, depending on the quality, model, accessories, and special design touches, as the abaya has become an important thing and represents the personality of the lady, explaining that the woman Saudi Arabia is the first to encourage Saudi design and the brand, stressing that the designers are creative, have good taste and creative ideas.

The assistant believes that there must be an umbrella that brings designers together under one roof and develops their work, stressing that her new projects will start soon with the beginning of 2021.

Abeer Al-Mosaed revealed her upcoming trends, which is her entry into the field of fashion for working women, which makes her more relaxed and tender in her work without any embarrassment or otherwise, as well as gowns that relate to working for long hours, as well as for sports practitioners, so that they are practical and covert and at the same time attractive.

The assistant pointed out that the Corona period made many designers think of coming up with new ideas and touches in terms of gowns, so that there would be formations to be presented in the exhibitions during the last quarter of the current year 2020, including a variety that is considered safer in terms of the quality of the cloth, as well as the availability of pockets to put masks and sterilizers, And choosing fabrics that are more effective in not capturing dust and dirt, for fear of viruses, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, and this assortment of field workers, students, and women who frequent public places.


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