A Russian astronaut believes that humans have taken life to Mars


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A Russian astronaut believes that humans have transferred life to Mars, today, Friday, October 9, 2020 07:14 a.m.

Russian astronaut Oleg Artemiev believes that mankind has transferred life with robotic stations, devices and other equipment, which it sent to the Red Planet, and said during a closed-circuit television interview organized by the Center for Astronautics and Aviation at the National Achievements Exhibition with Central America, “I think, that life They are on Mars. And it is likely that we have already transported them. Because the robotic stations, vehicles, devices and other equipment that reached Mars and landed on its surface, no matter how we try to disinfect them and quarantine them before sending them, they carried microscopic organisms with them, ”he added,“ regardless of The conditions of Mars differ from the conditions of the earth, these micro-organisms remain alive and begin to grow and multiply.

The Russian astronaut pointed out that experiments are being conducted in the Russian sector of the International Space Station to prove the ability of micro-organisms to survive in open space, and said, “So when a person set foot on Mars, it is very likely that he will discover a kind of life, very similar to Those on Earth … but adapted to live in conditions on Mars. ” It is noteworthy that the Russian astronaut Oliya Artemiev spent 366 days on board the International Space Station, in 2014 and 2018, during which he exited three times into open space for a total period of 20 hours.

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