A picture of Hussein Al Jasmi causes an attack on Iman Al-Asi


Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi posted a new photo on the social networking site Twitter, gathering him with Egyptian women preparing bread in front of the oven in a beautiful countryside setting.

Hussein Al Jasmi attached the photo with a comment in which he appreciated the Egyptian women, saying, “The Egyptian woman is always the source of goodness and goodness, and an example of struggle and morals … wherever she is.”

In a related context, the Egyptian actress Iman Al-Asi liked Hussein Al-Jasmi’s post, commenting with the phrase “thank you”, but she did not know that her comment would cause her to be violently attacked.

Some internet pioneers attacked Iman Al-Asi, saying that Hussein Al-Jasmi’s talk was not concerned with him because he intended the working woman and the struggle in his post.


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