A new treatment for AIDS by injection


The European Medicines Agency has approved an injection of AIDS treatment, which sets a precedent for changing the lives of millions of people with HIV, or those known as “seropositive”.The treatment mixes two antiretrovirals, and it can be given to the patient once every month or two, instead of taking daily pills to contain the disease, the agency said in a statement.

The Foundation indicated that these two antagonists are the “first” that are found to have a “long-term” effect through injection.She stated that “patients will receive intramuscular injections once every month or two instead of daily medication pills,” according to “France Press”.

The agency’s recommendation to allow this treatment to be marketed must obtain approval from the European Commission, in order for it to be put on the market in the EU’s 27 countries.

The agency indicated that the combination of the two anti-retroviral drugs “Rilpivirin” and “Capotegravir”, which will be sold under the names of “Recampase” and “Vocabria”, helps in “preventing the ability of the virus to reproduce.”

The number of people living with AIDS in the world reached 38 million in 2019, including 2.3 million in Europe, according to the World Health Organization.This disease has no cure yet, but antiretrovirals can control virus progression and contribute to avoiding transmission.


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