A new calamity .. The strongest tsunami to hit Earth in the modern era within months


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A new calamity … the strongest tsunami to hit the Earth in the modern era within months. Today, Monday, October 19, 2020, 07:59 pm

A new calamity is the most powerful tsunami to hit Earth in the modern era within months

Scientists have warned of a strong tsunami, which is the most powerful in modern times, and may lead to catastrophic consequences that threaten humans within the next twelve months.

According to the science journal Science Alert, a tsunami is expected to occur in Alaska, and it is caused by a landslide of unstable rocks after the melting of glaciers over the past two decades.

A group of scientists warned of the possibility of this catastrophe soon, and although the potential risks of this landslide are very serious, there is still much unknown about this disaster.

It is clear that the retreat of glaciers will occur along the southern coast of Alaska, 97 km east of Anchorage, as satellites indicate the continuous melting of ice, which presages a slow-moving, gradual landslide over the fjord.

Although the affected area is remote, it is a vital area frequented by commercial, recreational and tourist ships, which threatens the lives of many. The longest tsunami wave in modern times.

Rainfall is often a factor, as do earthquakes, in addition to melting glaciers and their rocks.

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