A Mercedes member tested positive for COVID19 before Eiffel Tour


RaceFans has revealed that a member of the Mercedes team has been infected with the Coronavirus (COVID19) as the Formula 1 World Championship heads to the Nürburgring Circuit hosting the Eiffel Grand Prix.

As the year 2020 witnesses the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic in various parts of the world, which is a virus that, under certain conditions, may lead to death and is rapidly transmissible in the event of infection.

This led to delaying the launch of the 2020 Formula 1 season until last July, with Formula 1 and the International Automobile Federation putting in place strict measures to limit the spread of this epidemic, including the presence of ‘bubbles’ of isolation between different teams, and between different groups within the same team.

This policy was successful, with a very limited number of Corona virus infections in Paddock Formula 1, the most prominent of which was Racing Point driver Sergio Perez, who was absent from the two rounds of Britain.

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But for the Mercedes team, RaceFans has confirmed that it is a spokesperson for the Mercedes team It was revealed that a member of the team was infected with this virus, and that the Mercedes team is dealing with isolating the infected person to ensure that the infection does not spread within its ranks.

Although the identity or position of the injured person has not been determined, the likelihood is that he is not related to the team duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.


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