A major military plan for “ISIS” in Lebanon … the Kaftun cell is more dangerous than “Nahr Al-Bared”!


Al-Akhbar writes: “The Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces continues to arrest individuals suspected of belonging to the“ ISIS ”cell, which has become known as the“ Kaftoun Cell ”, with which the strike force in the branch fought a battle with it in Wadi Khaled (Akkar) on the night of 26 – 27 last September, in addition to the attack of one of its suicide bombers on an army headquarters in Arman (Minya) the same night, and his death after the martyrdom of two soldiers. Hundreds of fighters, not only a few individuals to carry out security operations. The security official emphasized that what the investigations revealed, especially those conducted by the Information Branch, revealed a major military plan for ISIS, not just a security plan. He pointed out that the security services did not You are aware of what is being planned, and that what led to the disclosure of this scheme was the crime of the town of Kuftoun (Al-Koura) on August 21, when a number of townspeople confronted members of the cell, which led to the fall of three martyrs. Planning for it is greater than what the northern region witnessed in 2007, and it led to a battle Nahr Al-Bared between the army and “Fatah Al-Islam”!


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