A fourth, more specific, case of Corona, which affects adults and children


A medical study found a fourth presentation of the main symptoms of Corona, affecting adults and children, and more specific to the presence of the disease, along with fever, cough and loss of smell.

The Daily said Express British, researchers from King’s College London discovered that 8.8 percent of people who reported positive cases of COVID-19 had a rash as a main symptom, compared to 5.4 percent of people who tested negative.

To confirm these results, the team of researchers led by Dr. Mario Valchi created a separate online questionnaire, gathering pictures and information from about 12,000 people with a rash and suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

The study found that the rash can be divided into three categories, the first of which is a hives-type rash (urticaria), which is the sudden appearance of prominent bumps on the skin that appear and disappear quickly within hours, and are usually accompanied by severe itching.

This condition can involve any part of the body, and it often begins with severe itching in the palm of the hand or the soles of the feet, and can cause swollen lips and eyelids.

The second case is a painful rash that resembles smallpox, and appears in the form of small red bumps, which can occur anywhere on the body, especially the elbows and knees, as well as the back of the hands and feet. The rash can last for days or weeks.

As for the third case, which is called Covid fingers, it appears in the form of a painful red swelling (that does not cause itching) in the fingers and toes of people with the disease.

This type of rash is more specific to Corona, it is more common in young people with the disease, and it tends to appear later.

Supervising Dr. Mario Valchi said in the study, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal: “The heterogeneous data and time lags, as well as the focus on critically ill patients during the early stages of the epidemic, have led to the skin being overlooked as an important target organ for Covid-19. “.

He added in a message about the study: “Although it (rash) is less common than fever, it is more specific to Covid-19 and lasts longer.”

Other symptoms of Covid-19 include a sore throat and headache.


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