A comfortable start to the Lebanese League, with strict procedures


The first week of the Lebanese Football League opened with an interesting meeting between Al-Safa and Al-Najmah that ended with a 1-1 draw, and ended with an interesting meeting between Al-Ahed and Al-Burj, which the pledges decided in their favor 3-2. In between, Shabab Al-Sahel beat Tripoli 1-0, Al-Ahly brotherhood beat Al-Shabab Al-Ghazia with the same result, and Al-Ansar over Al-Tadamun also beat Tripoli 1-0. As for the great result, it was achieved by the youth of the tower, with three cleansers, on peace, Zgharta, which gave him the top of the rankings.The goals were not missed in any match, but most of them witnessed a scarcity that was compensated by the Al-Ahd match with Al-Burj by five goals, as they scored as much in this match as they were in four other matches. The most important thing is that Lebanese football successfully passed the first exam, as the week passed smoothly and quietly amid a great commitment to the imposed measures. Something that relaxes those concerned and strengthens confidence in the possibility of holding and ending the season despite the difficult conditions that the country is going through, especially with regard to the spread of the Corona virus.
Technically, it is too early to talk about the level of teams and the results recorded. But what appeared in the friendly Al-Ahd tournament before the start of the league attended in the first week. Clubs playing one round and players, unable to perform at the same level in the ninety minutes.
The first week of the league included two strong matches: the first between Nejmeh and Al-Safa, and the second between Al-Ahed and Al-Burj. Some considered the first match strong on paper, given the history of the two teams. Technically, many favored the star due to the difference in preparation and elements. But on the ground in Jounieh, the situation was different. Al-Nijmeh tied with Al-Safa to 1-1, which Ahmed Jalloul scored for Al-Safa from a penalty kick awarded to Ali Al-Saadi after blocking Al-Safa’s leader, Muhammad Zain Tahan. Adel Al-Nijmeh quickly crossed a wonderful goal by Mahmoud Kawar, from Khaled Tekji’s best pass. A fair tie after the two teams shared the match. A star first game with distinction, with a beautiful performance and high performance, in exchange for a somewhat second Safawi run, especially after the departure of the trio of the star Tikka Ji, Ghawar and Edmond Shehadeh after their substitution before the start of the second half by a decision of coach Musa Hajij, who entered Khalil Badr, Abbas Atwi and Omar Al-Kurdi. Substitutions considered by many to be the reason for the star stumbling and losing two precious points, given that the trio were the best in the star. But the technical decision in the end is for Moussa Hajij, who is responsible for determining the technical interest of the team and explaining the reasons behind his changes.

The commitment of everyone, especially the public, to the decisions encourages the continuation of the football season

The match ended in a draw despite the fact that some few details could have changed the equation, especially the ball of Omar Al-Kurdi that Hamza Salameh saved by the goal line, or doubts about the existence of a penalty kick for the star after a mistake by Salama on Mahdi Al-Zain, referee Samer Qassem did not consider pending the decision of the committee The main referees in the Federation today, noting that former international referee Radwan Ghandour had a special opinion that the case deserved a penalty kick. Al-Safa on his part also there were some small details that were able to turn the result in their favor, such as the absence of a number of players such as Hassan Muhammad, Haidar Khurais and Hassan Defeat, and these make a difference in a team such as Al-Safa. Nasir al-Din who was rescued by the stellar goalkeeper Muhammad Beshara.
With the end of the first week’s “summit”, all eyes turned to the second “summit” between Al-Burj and Al-Ahed at Sidon Stadium. A meeting is the first for coach Reda Antar with his new team, and he desperately needs to achieve a positive result. Antar entered in the absence of a number of players due to their infection with Corona, the last of whom was Ahmed Zureik, and before him Khalil Khamis and Hussein Munther, in addition to the club’s secretary, Muhammad Asi. Absences make the task difficult for a stubborn tower opponent, who is also coming to make a good start, led by coach Mohamed Dakka. Antar beat accuracy with the result, but in the show the two teams tied and the Burjeans did not deserve to lose. They made an excellent first path and finished ahead of the goals of Abu Bakr Al-Mallal and Hussein Al-Atta after advancing the covenant with the goal of Muhammad Kaddouh. The latter was the star of the match, scoring a hat-trick and taking advantage of the mistakes of Al-Burj goalkeeper Mohamed Hammoud, especially in the first goal that deserves part of his responsibility in addition to his defense line and clusters them in front of him, eyebrows the vision, in addition to the second goal that Hammoud was supposed to tackle.
And as was the case in the cycle of the Covenant, the performance of the Burjis fell in the second half, so Almal missed the hearing technically and gave way to the covenants to equate and progress and emerge victorious. Something that Al-Burj striker Hussein Al-Atta could have prevented had he taken advantage of the opportunities presented to him. The era escaped with victory, and the tower failed to achieve a new beginning, but the two teams’ journey is long.
Elsewhere, a major contender for the covenant for the title was “guest” at Tadamon Tire. Ansar. He headed to the south, with his eyes set on victory and nothing else, first to take advantage of the disappointing stumbling block, and secondly to take advantage of any horrific obstruction to the covenant. Al-Ansar achieved the required and won the solidarity goal scored by Karim Darwish, and returned to Beirut satisfied with the result with hope for better performance and results in the future.

The meeting of Al-Najma and Al-Safa ended with a fair draw after two matches for the two teams (Adnan Hajj Ali)

At the same time, JSB were achieving the biggest result this week, beating Salam Zgharta in Mardashia 3-0. Three goals were scored by Ali Hammoud, Hussein Awada and Adnan Melhem, giving their team a victory and a top spot. An unsurprising Barji victory after the excellent participation of the team in the friendly Al-Ahd tournament led by coach Youssef El-Gohary, whose fingerprints were clear and his modern training method on the team.
The first week also witnessed two victories by JS Sahel against Tripoli 1-0 at Al Ahed Stadium, which Abbas Asi scored in a match in which Al Sahel was not convinced. Daniel Abu Fakhr also granted his new team Al-Akhaa Al-Ahly Aley a deserved victory over Al-Shabab Al-Ghazieh in his first match with him, as he needed only three minutes to score a beautiful goal that was enough to settle the score and match points.
The first week has ended and preparations begin for the second week, which will witness an anticipated match between Al-Borg and Al-Sahel Youth. A preparation period that the teams need to address the technical gaps that appeared in the first week and most of them, which confirms that all teams are close in light of the absence of the foreign component.

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