60 minutes .. Pyramids intensify their attack to equalize against Borkan in the Confederation Final


The Moroccan team, Nahdet Berkane, continued to advance with a goal on Pyramids after 60 minutes had passed from the match that is currently gathering them at Moulay Abdallah Stadium, in the African Confederation Final, and both teams are looking for the title, especially since it will be the first continental title in the history of Pyramids “newborn” and will be the first A tournament to be crowned by the team, and the Moroccan team is looking to win the title and compensate for its loss in the last version against Zamalek, who won it.

With the beginning of the second half, Mohsen Yajur almost scored the second goal of the Berkane renaissance in the 48th minute, but he hit the ball above Pyramids’ goal, after which Pyramids tried to rely on the sides in his attacks on the Moroccan goal, but the defenses were solid.

In the 56th minute, the Croatian Ante Cacic, the technical director of Pyramids, made the first substitution with the exit of defender Ahmed Ayman Mansour, and the entry of Ibrahim Hassan to support the offensive line, and with the player’s first shot, Pyramids got a corner kick.

Events of the first half

With the first minute, Barkan threatened the Pyramids goal with a header from Mohsen Yajur, which went over the top of Mahdi Suleiman’s goal, and Ismail the presenter received a yellow card in the 4th minute after violently interfering with Abdullah Al-Saeed, and in the 8th minute, Borkan threatened the Pyramids goal with a dangerous attack from Mohsen Yajur. Suleiman, and in the 11th minute, the orange team nearly scored the lead after the Pyramids goalkeeper committed a mistake by not being able to catch the ball.

In the 15th minute, Mohsen Yajur, the Nahdhat Berkan player, scored the goal of progress for his team after the Pyramids defense was confused, and in the 20th minute, Mohamed Farouk received a yellow card for violently interfering with the Borkan player, and Al-Arabi Naji, the Nahdhat Berkan player, received another yellow card after interfering with Ahmed Ayman Mansour Farouk to score the equalizer for Pyramids after a shot that went past Zuhair Laaroubi’s goal.

After that, the game was limited to the midfield area, and Pyramids tried to surprise the Moroccan Berkane defense, but it was an unsuccessful attempt, and Zaid Krouch, the Nahdet Berkane player, received another yellow card in the 43rd minute.

Form the two teams

Pyramids play the match by forming a component of .. goalkeepers: Mahdi Suleiman, defensive line: Ahmed Ayman Mansour – Ali Jabr – Abdullah Bakri – Ahmed Tawfiq, midfield: Nabil Imad Dunga – Omar Jaber – Muhammad Farouk – Muhammad Hamdi – Abdullah Al-Saeed Offensive line: Eric Traore.

And there are on the bench in the match: Ahmed Al-Shennawi – Muhammad Fathi – Ibrahim Hassan – John Antwi – Dudu Al-Gabas – Mahmoud Hamada – Ibrahim Adel, and out of the match list, Ahmed Daadour – Tariq Taha – Islam Issa – Rajab Bakkar – Muhammad Atwa – and Alfred Cannon Omar Al-Ayouni.

The formation of Nahdet Berkane came as follows: Zuhair Laaroubi, Issoufou Daewoo, Hamdy Laasheer, El Araby Nagy, Ziad Karoush, Ismail Moghadam, Bakr Hilali, Zakaria Hadraf, Omar Nemsawi, Muhammad Aziz, Mohsen Yajour.


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