577 thousand references to mental “health” clinics in the Kingdom in the year


During the past year, 577,133 patients benefited from the mental and social health services at the Ministry of Health, and the number of inpatients reached (22821) in the Kingdom.Hesitant and new

And a statistical report – obtained by «today» – showed that the number of patients reviewing the mental health services at the Ministry of Health reached «554312» during one year, of whom «483557» are hesitant patients, and «70,755» are new patients, while the number of inpatients was «22821». Among them, “17516” are hesitant patients, and “5305” are new patients, according to the latest statistics available with the Ministry.

Schizophrenia and disorders

The report indicated that “affective” mood disorders recorded “168528” patients, followed by schizophrenia and schizophrenic disorders with “157,801” patients, then neurotic and stress-related disorders with “93,355” patients, then mental and behavioral disorders as a result of the use of psychoactive substances in “50 109” patients. Then, mental disorders not defined as “25,224” patients, then mental retardation with “26,299” patients, then organic mental disorders with “15911” patients, then disorders in the personality and behavior of an adult with “10159” patients, then behavioral syndromes associated with disturbances in functions Members included “7674” patients, then behavioral and emotional disorders that began in childhood and adolescence with “10384” patients, and finally, disorders of psychological development with “11608” patients.

Causes and Treatments

The psychological and social counselor d explained. Mansour Al-Shamrani that the concept of the word hesitant patients are patients who come to the hospital frequently or permanently, indicating that the causes of frequent or permanent hesitation to hospitals in general are many, the most prominent of which are: life pressures, stressing that psychological factors have genetic roots as some people are sensitive and affected by any situation Or any accident, adding that among the causes are also organic diseases that have led to mental illnesses, including the use of some drugs or treatments that lead to mental disorder.

Hallucinations and suspicions

He added: The psychiatric patient is a danger to himself and everyone around him, for his imagination of things and his vision of things that are not there, indicating that there are symptoms associated with mental illness, which are suspicion and obsession, as he suspects those around him and imagines things and then begins to have auditory hallucinations, then develop into visual hallucinations. He explained that those who do not respond to treatment are a small group, and those around them have a big role in that if they are left alone.

Emergency service

And a consultant psychiatry and addiction d. Muhammad al-Maqhawi that the hesitant patient is the psychological patient who hesitates to the service, so he goes and returns, whether he is in clinics or admission, and that one of the reasons for hesitation is to follow up to the clinic or not respond to treatment well, so the patient is forced to return to replace the treatment or a person suffering from a relapse needs to return to the hospital until it is done He is admitted, and this case is dealt with according to the service he needs, and often the service is provided in the emergency or an appointment is booked in clinics or he is admitted to the internal departments.


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