5 ways to solve the problem of email not syncing to Android phones


Many Android phone users sometimes face some problems with the email application, including: the inability to send and receive messages, or not receiving any notifications from the mail application in the phone, and many others. This is due to many reasons.

The Gmail application is the default email application used in Android phones, as Google developed it significantly during the recent period, and added many features to it, including: The ability to check mail from any other email provider.

And if you are using another email application in your Android phone, you can follow the methods that we will mention in this article to troubleshoot the problem, but keep in mind that the steps mentioned in this article are based on the Gmail application so you will find some differences in the names of the menus when applying the steps In another application.

Here are 5 ways to troubleshoot email not syncing on Android phones.

1- Initial steps to troubleshoot the problem:

If you encounter a problem with the email application that you use on your Android phone, there are some steps that you must take to troubleshoot the cause of the problem so that you can quickly fix it, as follows:

• Check your phone’s internet connection.

• Turn on Airplane mode for 30 seconds, then turn it off again, as this step will cause your phone to completely disconnect its connection to the Wi-Fi network and its cellular connections, which helps solve any network problem.

• Update the e-mail application that you use in your phone, whether it is the Gmail application or any other application such as: (Samsung Email).

Restart the phone, as this step helps in solving minor hardware problems, because it leads to clearing the cache and forcing the device to re-download the application in which you are facing a problem.

2- Activate the automatic sync feature in the email application:

The automatic sync feature is enabled by default in any email application so that you can receive emails without any delay. But if you change any settings in the app, that might affect how the app syncs your emails. Therefore, you should verify that the feature has been activated by following these steps:

Go to the (Gmail) application on your Android phone.

• Click on the menu icon – which is about 3 horizontal lines – located in the upper left corner of the search bar.

• Scroll down to the option (Settings); Then click on it.

• Choose the email account in which the problem is addressed, if you have multiple accounts added in your phone.

• Scroll down to the “Data Usage” section, and then make sure the box next to Sync Gmail is checked.

3- Edit storage capacity in Android phone:

If your Android phone or tablet is running low on free storage space, email sync won’t work, so you should free up storage space on your device.

Some Android phones come with a built-in feature called (free up space) to help delete unused apps, or that are used infrequently to help save storage space, in addition to the option to wipe downloads, and any photos or videos that have already been backed up elsewhere. And to access it, you can follow the following steps:

Go to settings on your Android phone.

• Click on the option (storage), where you will see the storage capacity used in your phone.

• Click on the option (free up space) to find the files that you can delete, where you will find 3 categories: photos

And backup videos, downloads, and frequently unused apps.

• Select the category you want to delete, then click on the (Free up) option at the bottom right of the screen.

But all Android phones do not have this option to quickly find and delete unnecessary files, so if your phone does not support this option, you can follow the following steps:

Uninstall apps that you do not use for a long time.

• Delete large files saved in your phone or transfer them to a computer.

• Delete movies, TV shows, or books that you have downloaded on your phone or transferred to your computer.

4- Verify the correct password in the email application:

When you change the password for your email account, you must update it in your phone’s email app as well. And if you don’t, your phone will not be able to sync new emails, simply because it doesn’t have permission to do so.

You can fix this problem by opening the email app and entering the new password, the app will then connect to its servers and display the new messages.

5- Delete the cache and data for the email app:

Go to settings on your Android phone.

• Click on the option (Applications and notifications) Apps & notifications.

Find the email app you like, for example: Gmail; Then click on it.

• Click on the “Storage Usage” option, where you will see how much space the email application is using.

• Click (Clear cache) to remove the cached data.

• Click on the (Clear Storage) option to delete all application data from your phone, but this step will reset the application settings where it will return as if you have reinstalled it immediately.

Restart your phone, then log into the e-mail application, and start adjusting its settings again.


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