421 and Akil Cinema Exhibition, in a series of documentary films – Thought and Art – Cinema


Gallery 421, the arts and design destination in Abu Dhabi, has announced a partnership with Cinema Akil to showcase a 3-part documentary series, beginning October 28.

The films of this series will be shown to the public online, namely “Top Al-Ayrah” by Lynn Al-Faisal, “Honey, Rain and Dust” by Nujoom Al-Ghanim, and “Talking about Trees” by Suhaib Jassim Al-Bari.

This eighth edition of the Public Film Program coincides with the entry of the collaboration between Gallery 421 and Cinema Akil in its fifth year, starting in early 2016 with a series of highly successful mobile shows in the cultural milieu of Abu Dhabi. With a commitment to present contemporary Arab cinema to the widest range of audiences, Gallery421 and Akil Cinema are returning today in a virtual version.

The Fall 2020 edition includes three documentaries that will be shown for three days, followed by a virtual discussion session with filmmakers, shown according to the following dates: October 28, November 18, and December 9, at 7:30 pm UAE time.

Each film will be shown for three days on Screeners, the digital broadcasting platform, giving participants registered on the platform plenty of time to think about, reconsider and reflect on each action, and each presentation will be followed by a live discussion with the film’s director.



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