21 winners in its sixth session


Announced “The General Foundation of the Cultural Village, KataraToday, Tuesday, the winners are announced in Sixth session From the “Katara Prize for Arabic Fiction”, which will be held this year from a distance.

In the category of published Arabic novels, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ban from Mauritania for “Wadi Al-Hatab”, Ibrahim Nasrallah from Jordan for “Tank Under the Christmas Tree”, Faten Al-Murr from Lebanon for “Dust 1918,” and Fathia Dabash from Tunisia won Melanin, and Muhammad Al-Makhzangi from Egypt, on the authority of Redeem.

The value of each prize is sixty thousand dollars, in addition to Translation Winning novels into English.

In the category of unpublished novels, the winners were: Al-Azhar Al-Zinad from Tunisia for “Al-Natour”, Saeed Al-Alam from Morocco for “The Virgin of Granada: A Love Between Two Cities”, Salem Mahmoud Salem from Egypt for “It Happened in Alexandria”, and Ghazi Hussein Al-Ali from Syria For “a black Mercedes that cannot be missed by an eye / a national comedy”, and Najeeb Nasr from Yemen on “Half a Human”.

The value of each prize is thirty thousand dollars, in addition to the publication and translation of the winning works into English.

In the boys’ novel category, Mahdi Salah Al-Juwaidi from Egypt for “The Three Hats”, Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Akashiya from Palestine for “2222”, Nazem Mazhar from Iraq for “Wings of Fire”, and Nada Jamal Saleh from Jordan for “Qaher Pirates” Sindh, and Hoda Bohrawa from Algeria on “Toward the Light.”

The value of each award is ten thousand dollars, along with publication.

The published Qatari novel, Abdul Rahim Al-Siddiqi, on “The City of the Love Document,” won out of 15 nominated novels.

The value of the prize in this category, which was added starting from the fifth session, is sixty thousand dollars, in addition to the translation of the novel into English.

As for the Studies and Research (Research and Fictional Criticism) category, Osama Ayoub Alimi from Egypt won for “Semio-Colonial Representation in Feminist Narration: Dreams Mostaghanemi as a Model”, and Abdel Malek Al-Shaboun from Morocco for “The Image of the Ego and the Other in the Mirrors of Migration Narrations. And Alawi Ahmed Saleh Al-Maljami from Yemen on “The Cultural Structure of the Fictional World: Semiotics of the Possible World in the Novel The Land of Happy Plots of Wajdi Al-Ahdal”, and Muhammad Ismail Al-Labani from Egypt on “Manifestations of the deliberative approach in the narrative … Ghassan Kanafani as a model,” and Mustafa Al-Nahhal from Morocco on “ Representing Reality in Fictional Narration: A theoretical and textual study.

Each award is valued at $ 15,000, in addition to publishing and marketing studies.

In a recorded speech, Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, the Director General of the “General Organization for the Cultural Village, Katara” said that announcing the results of the sixth session remotely the requirements of the precautionary measures taken all over the world to prevent the Covid 19 virus, affirming the institution’s commitment to standards of integrity and transparency at all stages The award, adding that this placed it at the forefront of Arab literary prizes

It is noteworthy that the sixth session, which is held under the supervision of the “Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science” (ALECSO) and celebrates the Iraqi novelist Ghaleb Tuma Farman as Person of the Year, witnessed the largest participation rate since its launch in 2014; It received 2,220 participants in its various branches, an increase of 370 over the fifth session, which received 1,850 participants.


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