2.4 billion dirhams, Etisalat Group profits for the third quarter, with a growth of 6% – the economic – the local market


Etisalat Group announced yesterday its consolidated financial results for the third quarter of this year ending on September 30th. The value of the group’s revenues reached 13 billion dirhams, while its consolidated net profits after deducting the federal franchise reached 2.4 billion dirhams, and with an annual increase of To 6%, compared to the same period last year.

The total consolidated value of interest, tax, depreciation and amortization during the third quarter reached 6.9 billion dirhams, with an annual increase of 2%, resulting in a 53% interest, tax, depreciation and amortization margin.

On the other hand, the total subscriber base reached 149 million subscribers, with an annual increase of 1%, while the subscriber base in the UAE reached 12.1 million subscribers.


Hatem Dewidar, Acting CEO of Etisalat Group, CEO of International Operations at the Group, said: “Etisalat’s performance during the third quarter of this year showed flexibility in interacting with the unprecedented circumstances the world is going through, which confirms the importance of the important and pivotal role. What was played by the network capabilities of Etisalat in enabling individual and corporate clients to perform their duties and work with ease and ease despite these challenges and circumstances.

He added: Thanks to its most advanced and advanced infrastructure in the region, Etisalat is constantly working to seize the various growth opportunities provided by the current circumstances, with the company’s constant keenness to meet the current and future needs of its customers, and in a way that supports its efforts to achieve its strategic vision of “leading The digital future of empowering societies ». Etisalat’s success in launching the 5G network, and in providing high-speed Internet services to its subscribers, relying on the fixed fifth generation network, is a testament to the company’s efforts in this direction.

Digital transformation

Dewedar indicated that Etisalat will continue its march towards digital transformation at an accelerated pace, while maintaining sufficient flexibility that enables it to upgrade its future business and work to transform various challenges into promising growth opportunities, in a way that achieves its long-term goals, while creating increased business value. We will also continue the process of digitizing our business with an emphasis on innovation in the company’s existing assets by building new capabilities that are digitally enabled and sustainable.

He concluded his statement by saying: We would like to thank the wise leadership of the UAE for its vision and support for the telecommunications sector during these circumstances, and in a way that has inspired Etisalat to continue its digital ambitions and to face the new circumstances with distinction and leadership, and in a way that enables it to achieve expectations and meet the growing needs of the societies in which it operates .



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