Zeina Makki and Nabil Khoury enter the golden cage


Lebanese actress announced Zina Makki Her marriage to the Lebanese artist Nabil Khoury, In a distinctive and remarkable way, as she surprised the audience and published the advertisement for a song entitled “Before Your Time”, written by Nabil Khoury and directed by Zeina Makki, who participated in the acting clip.

Zeina Makki and Nabil Khoury enter the golden cage

Zeina commented on the video, saying: “All my life is who I am and I have been all that I listen and fall in love with it .. I imagine it with my own head like the film and draw all the scenes with my head..I never imagined that the first video clip I directed would be for my husband. Nabil Khoury was a stranger who missed my life and wrote this song before we met, and you bought me oh .. I did not know what a sense of time, after a while he called me and told me: I knew by chance that you are a director! Let us film the rich. Lilly has happened in Lebanon .. I want you to say that Nabil Khoury is the stranger who asked me to work with Moo on “my song” for how many months .. Today it became my nut. Bring the whole clip today at 5 pm Beirut time.

A short while ago, he released the romantic clip, which Nabil Khoury prepared for his wife Zina, expressing his love for her.

It is noteworthy that Khoury had surprised Zeina a month ago by presenting her engagement ring during her exercise in the gym in the presence of a few friends.

Zeina published a video clip through her social media accounts and commented on it, saying: “Despite everything our country is passing through and towards us … and despite all the annoyance that lingers in my heart and in my heart … Nabil is the reason why I stand on my feet every day.”

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