Your luck today | Horoscopes September 13, 2020


Horoscope expert Abeer Fouad introduces “Your luck today and horoscope predictions” to many people who are used to following the zodiac signs, and knowing their luck on a daily basis


From 3/21 to 4/20
Professionally and socially: slow down and do not proceed on matters whose results are not guaranteed, and be prepared to receive unexpected developments and developments.
Emotionally and family: the moon is in the square of your horoscope, and today you have to control your nerves to manage your life in a calm and healthy rhythm.

the Bull

From 4/21 to 5/21
Emotionally and family: Today you seem optimistic, calm, and friendly with those you love, and share knowledge and sweet talk with brothers.
Professionally and socially: The moon is in the house of relationships making you more open and ready to discuss calmly.


From 5/22 to 6/21
Professionally and financially: the moon and Saturn are mutually exclusive today in my house. Money makes you tend to be confused and wasteful, and you have to carefully review your steps and control your expenses and decisions.
Emotionally and family: It is important to plan well and study before any step and any saying, and try to act courteously.


From 6/22 to 7/22
Socially and professionally: the astronomical situation is improving and gives you great luck today, and things may go as you plan.
Emotionally: the moon is in your sign, which makes you receive words of praise and admiration, especially from the opposite sex.

the lion

From 7/23 to 8/22
Professionally and healthily: The dissonance between the moon and Saturn in my home Health asks you not to waste your efforts and try to employ them for the benefit of you and work in silence.
Emotionally and socially: Today, avoid being proud of yourself and do not announce your own news.


From 8/23 to 9/22
Socially and professionally: Friends stand beside you, and you may be joined by promising projects and filled with enthusiasm.
Emotionally: The sun in your sign provides you with emotional energy, and that is enough to transform dreams into a tangible reality.


From 9/23 to 10/22
Professionally and socially: the moon is in an opposite situation and you should not rush things and pay attention to details in order to avoid problems that burden you.
Family and emotional: You have to be patient and not turn away from family and loved ones just because you feel dissatisfied with them.

The scorpion

From 10/23 to 11/22
Professionally and financially: Good luck, planets work in your favor, and pleasant surprises and opportunities on the horizon.
Emotionally and socially: The moon in the house of fortune provides you with fertile imagination and stimulates your ability to analyze and deduce.

the bow

From 11/23 to 12/21
Emotionally and socially: Despite the confusion, Venus and Mercury are supportive and provide you with magic and alertness, and this helps you to behave well.
Professionally and financially: the moon and Saturn are incompatible with my home. Money, and you have to set a specific budget to overcome the troubles, and you must feed your mind with all the available information and do not be lazy.


From 12/22 to 1/20
Socially and professionally: the moon faces your sign .. Preserve your rights and try to be coherent and careful in your words and reactions.
Emotionally: If you are married, do not rush to make your decisions today, and you have to be patient with your partner.


From 1/21 to 2/19
Emotionally and socially: There may be great pressures and you must organize your thoughts to progress towards your loved one at a steady pace.
Professionally and healthily: The moon and Saturn are incompatible in my home. Health, and you must organize your efforts and not scatter your energy to employ your efforts on a sound path.


From 20/2 to 20/3
Professionally and family: the astrological situation prompts you to treat routine with renewal, and you succeed in consolidating bonds of love with those around you.
Emotionally: Despite the pressures, the moon in the house of love provides you with the warmth of feelings and gives you a willingness to forgive and repair your relationship with loved ones.


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