You will not believe … Learn about the dowry that Ragheb Alama’s niece requested to complete her marriage! – Video and photos


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social media circulated photos and videos from the marriage contract of Yara – the niece of the Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama, which took place at the end of last August.
Tweeters expressed their admiration for the beauty of Ragheb Alama’s niece, and her simplicity of clothing, as well as her dowry, which was a phrase about “keeping the groom half of the Holy Quran.”
Ragheb Alama had published several photos of his testimony on the marriage of “Yara”, the daughter of his brother Khader, in a simple family ceremony, and commented: “I ask God to bless you with happiness, love and stability in your life along with long life, my beloved, the only daughter of my two brothers Khader, and the young man. Respected Muhammad Hammoud, who we are proud of being a member of our family and proud of his respectable and honorable family, all love to you, Muhammad and Yara.


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