Xbox Series S will come with a faster processor than the Playstation 5


Microsoft recently unveiled the Xbox Series S. This device will cost $ 299 when it is launched in the market on November 10, which means that it will be one of the cheapest home gaming devices from Microsoft so far. And if you’re anxious about performance, it seems like you don’t need to be anxious too much. This is because according to Tom Warren of The Verge, it appears to be faster than Playstation 5.

According to Tom Warren, it was lost

Microsoft says that the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will use the same processor, albeit at different frequencies. The processor in the Xbox Series S will run at roughly 3.6GHz, making it about 0.1GHz faster than the Playstation 5. Of course, such a marginal difference might not be noticed by gamers, but on paper, it’s really impressive. Of course, Microsoft had to sacrifice some things to make the Xbox Series S cheaper. One of the compromises is to provide it with less storage memory, it will come with 512GB of storage, unlike the Xbox Series X which will arrive with 1 TB of storage, but given that it is expandable, this is not a big problem. The sacrifice will also include using a less powerful graphics processor, but if you are not very interested in graphics, you can save $ 200 in the process.

Sony has not yet confirmed the price of the Playstation 5, but we have heard that it may be more expensive than Playstation 4. In both cases, unless the Playstation 5 is priced the same as the Xbox Series S, Microsoft could have an advantage in the market.


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