World News Today – “An angry eye” in space … Observation of a phenomenon for the first time in the universe … photos and videos


World News Today World News – “An angry eye” in space … a phenomenon for the first time in the universe is observed … Pictures and video The source of the news – News agencies – Sputnik with the details of the news “An angry eye” in space … A phenomenon is observed for the first time In the universe … photos and video:

Science GMT 10:49 04.09.2020 (Updated GMT 10:52 04.09.2020) Copy the link

An astronomical science team has detected a strange phenomenon for the first time in outer space that causes solar systems to rupture, leaving distorted and distorted rings inside them.

Solar systems (like our solar system) are generally formed by the rotation of all its constituent planets in the same flat plane, but a scientific team for the first time observed a different pattern for this scene.

A joint international scientific team from Britain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, America and France concluded that star clusters can tear the discs of the planets (orbits formed by the planets) into pieces, leaving behind skewed and distorted rings that differ from the cases observed earlier.

The scientific team carried out a study that lasted more than 11 years, during which it observed a small triple star system (GW Orionis) at a distance of 1,300 light years with a stellar disk (a ring-shaped disk made up of gas, dust planets and asteroids).

The team concluded for the first time that stars or planets could tear their disks apart to become completely unbalanced disks, and instead were misaligned and chipped, according to the study published in the scientific journal Science.

“This is the first direct evidence of changes occurring in a planet-forming disk,” said co-author Alison Young of the University of Exeter in England.

“This confirms that it is possible for these disks to deform and break, and increases the likelihood that these planets can form in steep orbits around multiple star systems,” Young added.

The team began studying this solar system since 2008 through a number of telescopes in Europe and America, according to the space science magazine “Space”.

“With this data, we were able to build a detailed computer model of the system, which predicted that the peripheral disk will bend and even tear to form a separate inner ring,” said Young.

The computer graphic showed a strange scene of this solar system, as it appears like an “angry eye” in outer space, with the presence of inner rings and outer rings that form unbalanced orbits that ignore the sight of the eye.

The author of the study and professor of astrophysics, Stephan Krause, said, “This discovery is the first to monitor planets in extreme orbits. We do not have a mechanism to discover these planets that move within this solar system.”

In turn, Ben Young: “When we first received the data, the images were amazing. We saw these amazing rings very clearly, and the shadows emanating from them, which can only be formed by oblique and distorted rings.”

“When we observed the first orbit in 2016, we then noticed that there was a mismatch between the orbits themselves,” Krause said, and the team indicated that the system might be vulnerable to rupture.

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