Within 3 years … Investments in the telecommunications infrastructure in Saudi Arabia rise to $ 15 billion


The volume of government and private sector investments in communications and information technology infrastructure in the Kingdom has increased to more than $ 15 billion in the past three years.

This contributed to a matter that contributed to the spread of mobile communication services by 131.1 per cent among the total population, as the prevalence of internet use reached 95.7 per cent among the population by the end of 2019, the delivery of optical fiber service to more than 3.5 million homes, and the Internet service coverage reached 99 per cent of populated areas. Populated.

The communications and information technology sector has also succeeded in harnessing technology to face the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic and deal with the effects of this pandemic at the level of increased data consumption and the high demand for digital services, as data consumption rates recorded an unprecedented growth during the pandemic period, with the average per capita consumption in the Kingdom reaching 920 MB, which is That’s more than 3 times the global average.

In addition to the recent successes at the level of high mobile phone speeds above the global average, as the download speed in the Kingdom reached by the end of August 77 Mbps, while the global average data download rate is estimated at 34.51 Mbps, with which the Kingdom jumped to the first ten places in the world in speeds The Internet is ahead of countries such as Australia, Canada and America, in addition to the impressive progress in spreading fifth generation networks after delivering its services to 35 governorates with 9 thousand towers in various regions of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom also advanced in the United Nations’ e-government development index 9 centers around the world to be within the highest ranking of the e-government development index, which includes 139 countries, and managed to achieve a quantum leap by 40 places on the sub-index in the “digital infrastructure” after it was resolved in 27th in the world and 8th at the level of the G20 countries.

As for the “human capital” sub-index, the Kingdom advanced 15 places to rank 35 globally and 10 among the twenty countries, while Riyadh ranked 10th in the world with regard to the technology sub-index, and the 31st position globally in inter-city competitiveness, in addition to the Kingdom’s record of many praises from Among them, the International Telecommunication Union accepted: praising the digital infrastructure in the Kingdom and its classification among the most successful in the world in harnessing technology to confront the pandemic, praising the Kingdom’s leadership and its adoption of modern technologies, praising the Kingdom’s efforts in opening broadband and spreading its services, and classifying the Kingdom among the first countries in the world in this field.


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