With a tune played by Ziryab … Hamad Al Ameri sings “Al-Wad Ghalab”


Sharjah 24:

Her Highness Sheikha Alia bint Khalifa Al Maktoum’s poem “Al-Wad Ghalab” was characterized by eloquence, eloquence and harmony between its vocabulary, in addition to many wonderful poetic images contained in her latest poems and a wonderful poetic masterpiece that flowed from her sweet feeling, with its connotations that appeared at the end of this poem: “Kanak A melody played by Ziryab. ”

With the clearness of the voice, its purity and its sweetness, Al-Khawar Company for Artistic Production launched “Al-Wad Ghalab” with the voice of the artist Hamad Al-Ameri.

You would leave me in a forced situation … if I could not bear a handicap and speech

And you saddled the horses of scooping my turn … How many hives have made you a branch

Oh God, the worries of my chest will be relieved … and I see your joys with admiration

O Mouzamili .. And the strings of my poetry … You were a melody who played Ziryab

Al-Khawar Company is considered one of the most prominent artistic companies leading in the issuance of professional singing works, as the company seeks to provide a singing product full of ideas, poetic and melodic sentences and distinctive sounds, through its cooperation with the most prominent poets, composers and artists, to carry these works a distinct taste that elevates the artistic taste in the Gulf and Arab countries.

The words of “Al-Wad Ghalab” were written by Her Highness Sheikha Alia bint Khalifa Al Maktoum, and composed by Abdullah Al-Maamari, while the musician distributed them by Zaid Adel, and the strings were for Maestro Ahmed Taha and the Solohat was played by Sadiq Jaafar, Hassan Faleh and Wissam Khasaf, and the soundtrack was by Engineer Bashar Al-Bakr. As for the sound and sound engineering, it was for the distinguished sound engineer, Hussain Barakat, the executive producer of Al-Khawar Art Production Company, the production management and the design of the song’s video, it was for Professor Alaa Fayyad, and the general supervision of the Emirati poet Ali Al-Khawar

And to listen to the song “Al-Wad Ghalab” with the voice of artist Hamad Al-Ameri, on the official channel of Al-Khawar Art Production Company on “YouTube” and on all social media sites, and all Gulf and Arab radio stations.


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