Will Berri announce the framework agreement today? The French initiative is frozen


After waiting for more than ten years for the journey of demarcating the land and sea borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, with talks led by Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, which ended with an agreement on the negotiating framework imposed by official Lebanon as a basis for starting negotiations, Berri is likely to announce this agreement today, two weeks before From the arrival of US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker to Beirut. In the past two days, Ain al-Tineh visited each of the commander of the international emergency forces operating in the south (UNIFIL), Major General Stefano Del Col, and the Special Coordinator of the United Nations Secretary-General in Lebanon, Jan Kubi, and shared information that Kubiتش and Del Cole met President Berri in order to put the final touches. On the agreement before it was announced. This announcement means that Lebanon is just around the corner from the start of indirect negotiations over the demarcation, under the auspices of the United Nations and the presence of the American mediator, while the negotiations are expected to start after Schenker’s visit. Informed sources said that the framework remains the same with regard to the delineation of the demarcation between land and sea, the care of the United Nations and no time limit specified, as general principles, with some amendments made to the implementation mechanism in a way that does not affect the essence of the framework.

The announcement of the agreement means moving from the mandate of Speaker Berri to the leadership of the army, the government and the presidency of the republic, so that the army will be the party representing Lebanon in the negotiations, and it will in turn submit reports to the first and third presidencies to see the negotiation path, in order to make decisions in this regard. By announcing this agreement, Lebanon will have entered a battle to regain rights and establish them on land and at sea, which is a difficult and complicated process that may take years, especially since Washington is using in parallel the sword of sanctions in order to pressure Lebanon and extract concessions from it in this file. It was not a passing or coincidence that the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the US Treasury Department (OFAC) imposed sanctions on the political aide of Berri, Representative Ali Hassan Khalil, shortly after reaching the framework agreement (last July), and the Amal Movement’s political bureau responded to these sanctions linking Between it and the demarcation file. This reality requires Lebanon not to accept the American mediation or to deal with it in a positive way, in light of the American attack on Lebanon and the resistance reaching its climax, by imposing severe sanctions, draining the dollar from the country and applying the blockade to it, and working and pressing for placing Hezbollah on the list of terrorism in Around the world. It is not permissible for any party at home to deal with the file of negotiating the demarcation of the maritime and land borders as a concession card to the United States, whether to gain its consent or to escape from sanctions, because it is one of the basic methods of restoring all rights, whether with regard to land on land or the entire area by sea.French initiative suspension
On the other hand, and at the government level, no communication movement has been recorded in the past two days between the political components that have switched off their engines, while everyone is waiting for an external “stone” to stir the stagnant water. The French initiative is frozen, according to sources concerned with it, pending the end of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration of assessing what happened in the last stage, leading to Ambassador Mustafa Adib’s apology for not forming the government and what followed. This calm was violated by a statement by the former heads of government in response to the words of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in which they confirmed that they did not impose a name or a portfolio. Rather, their role was limited to providing the cover in a transparent and clear manner to implement what the parliamentary blocs in the Al-Pinawar Palace agreed upon. The statement considered that «what is remarkable in the narration of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah is that it deliberately provoked a sectarian clash between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate, claiming to violate the constitutional powers of the President of the Republic in the interest of the Presidency of the Government and what it represents. The statement believed that “reading the Secretary-General of Hezbollah undermines the French initiative, with its economic and financial content, through the approaches of the International Monetary Fund and economic and financial reforms.”
In another context, attention turned yesterday to the legislative session that took place in UNESCO, especially after there was a tendency to boycott the Christian blocs, due to the general amnesty law.

No party should treat the border demarcation file as a card to win Washington’s approval or to evade sanctions

The exit proposed by Berri was to form a parliamentary committee to bring the views of the blocs together. However, this matter did not happen and the law proposal was transferred to a session to be held on the 20th of next month, as a quorum was not ensured to hold the evening round. It is a session in which Berri said that members of the Supreme Council will be elected to try presidents and ministers instead of resigning deputies, “after which I will open a legislative session to approve the amnesty law in the event that the committee reaches an agreement.” He continued, “We are afraid that we will reach a place where we tell the prisoners that we cannot heal you.” Berri said, “We regret the trend that we have reached, and my suggestion was to reduce prisons after the outbreak of Corona, and any law had to be approved and not necessarily what was on the table.” People are sleeping in the hallways, and the general amnesty law proposal is not a Quran or a holy gospel. ”
The Public Authority had approved a series of other laws, most notably the law proposal aimed at amending the provisions of Article 47 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in terms of enshrining the right of the detainees to have access to a lawyer during the preliminary investigations, and filming all investigations with audio and video.

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