When Health Bets On “Ineffective” COVID19 Vaccines!


Lebanon is plunged into the risk of Corona injuries while the authority revolves around its floundering decisions between complete closure and lockdown, and its ministries’ struggles to deal with Covid 19, and the Minister of Interior in the caretaker government, Mohamed Fahmy, considered that the Lebanese society is not a “game” between hands to be subjected to a week of closure and another to reopen. ” This comes as a response to the announcement by Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan raising a recommendation to the Corona Governmental Committee for a complete closure for a period of two weeks.

All experiments have proven their failure until now in dealing with the Corona epidemic, so the closure is not a limit of injuries, nor the reopening of the country partially or completely, accompanied by preventive measures and instructions and adherence to them, have controlled the deterioration in the number of injured and deaths, and it seems that the people have become captive to interpretations and rumors of falsifying the Ministry of Health numbers Injuries and hospitals are the causes of death. The health system has proven its limitations.

In this new phase of the exacerbation of the number of Coronavirus infections in Lebanon, it must be noted that the new studies indicate, according to what the Vice President of the Lebanese Scientists Committee to Combat Corona (LSCC), who specializes in atomic molecular sciences and nanotechnology, Dr. Mohamed Hammeh, confirms to “Lebanon 24”, The imperative to understand fully adapting to living with this virus in the coming months. The numbers in Lebanon will not decrease. Rather, with each decrease, there will be a new escalation in the number of injuries.
Minister of Health Hamad Hassan announced that work is underway to secure the vaccine, which is an obvious right for the Lebanese state and its citizens on more than one line, starting with contacting Kovacs to secure the vaccine at a price that takes into account the current economic and financial data that plague Lebanon in addition to communicating directly through the Russian embassy to follow up the data And securing the necessary studies to help assess the importance of the Russian vaccine in the near future. However, the vaccines expected at the end of this year will be tantamount to fixing infection rates only, as the main vaccine to control the virus completely is not available entirely.

It must be noted that the concerned parties, as Hemmeh says, will also be surprised by some ineffective vaccines in the future in some countries as a result of the international and rapid competition in showing the vaccine. The vaccine contains certain genes. If these genes are modified, the vaccine must be changed. This is the case with the emerging corona virus (COVID19).
In a related context, Hammah explains in his current study of the development of virus transmission among citizens that infections will continue to recur at the same rate at least this year. It is likely that the next year (2021) will be severe in terms of the spread of the epidemic, unless the actual vaccine is applied.

If the virus is on a frightening rise, which makes Lebanon among the refineries of the leading countries the highest ranks in terms of the number of infections per million. Prevention is no longer the only factor in limiting the spread, but also adapting to the idea of ​​prolonging and extending the time for the epidemic outbreak, and this theory requires everyone to take responsibility seriously.
As for the question posed in the absence of bearing responsibility at the official and public levels, it must be pointed out, according to Hamiyah, that the follow-up committee for Covid 19 in Lebanon has failed to control the virus, and rather, it has become in the midst of a census of infections and a warning of high numbers, and this is reprehensible because the work of the concerned committees Whether related to the government or the parliament, and the decisions that are supposed to be issued by it, it should aim to achieve the desired goal of its work and effort and reach the desired result to reduce the virus instead of limiting work to a census.
Hemmeh advised those involved in the Disaster Management Committee and those involved in the Ministry of Health to listen to a study prepared by him and colleagues in the committee, but some were given in match with that study, and deliberately ignored the scientific advice, which led matters to what the Amorale had reached, says Hemmeh. Therefore, the hope remains that the Ministry of Health will look to other studies presented to it and not only to the relevant committees that it has formed, because this will represent a factor in helping it to find new mechanisms to confront the epidemic.
Therefore, returning to the school desks remains necessary, but with prudence and non-rationality, half-time is not the best solution, as it is sufficient for one hour to transmit infection among students, confirms the diet; The most realistic solution is to provide a staff from each educational institution to receive students daily within an integrated program of monitoring. There are several points that can be used and transformed for the benefit of education if the concerned parties decide to do so, advising everyone to adapt to this virus, which will accompany humanity in the coming years, while affirming that There is no need for panic and panic if the Lebanese realize how to deal with this virus in terms of adherence to all preventive measures, with his warning that the muzzle may turn due to lack of awareness into a means of transmission of infection.


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