What is the truth about Tamer Hosni’s involvement in a rape case? – Ambassador of the North


What is the truth about Tamer Hosni’s involvement in a rape case?

Suddenly, a rape scandal surfaced, in which the children of famous and large personalities in various circles, whether artistic, social, sports or political, were involved. The names of famous people who were involved in the case also began to emerge, or their names were put in it, and the strangest thing that was circulated was the name of the artist Tamer Hosni in that case, so that social media sites exploded between defending Tamer and attacking him, and news sites began publishing exciting addresses that used Tamer’s name to attract Readers, without anyone bothering to find the truth.

The Egyptian lawyer, Ahmed Mahran, apologized to the artist, Tamer Hosni, after his name was included in a communication he submitted to the Public Prosecutor in the case. Lawyer Mahran said in exclusive statements to “Laha”: “After she filed a complaint against some of the artists who were present at the time of the party in which a girl was raped at the Fairmont Hotel, and among those was Tamer Hosni, we received information confirming that Tamer was not among these artists. “.

He added, “That is why Tamer’s name was immediately deleted from the indictment due to his lack of connection to the subject, and his name was mentioned in the report by an unintended mistake. Therefore, we had to clarify this and submit the due apology to the respected artist.”

Mahran had submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecutor in Egypt bearing the number 2901 of 2020 against a number of Egyptian and Lebanese artists, in addition to the director of the “Fairmont Nile City” hotel in his capacity and person, and accused them of “holding mock concerts aimed at attracting girls, deceiving them and forcing them. Some of them have participated in sexual crimes. ”He said:“ I obtained information from the Fairmont Hotel confirming the involvement of the accused, and I demand an investigation to reveal the truth to the public opinion, ”indicating that the artists mentioned in the report and the party organizers“ were aware of the occurrence of these crimes, ”and confirming that“ These parties were a trap to attract the largest number of participants in these crimes.


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