What is the new Luna game streaming service and how do you benefit from it?


(MENAFN – Youm7) Amazon recently unveiled the new Luna game streaming service, which is the service for broadcasting games to Fire TVs, desktops and mobile platforms, and below we show everything you need to know about the new Luna service from Amazon, and what are its most prominent features as Follows:

Game streaming services:

They are services provided by many companies that allow users to play games with high accuracy and high quality without the need for a powerful computer, or even without the need to purchase games and install them on your computer, as these games are run through the servers of the company providing this service such as Google and Amazon Or Nvidia and others, but its disadvantage is that the user will need a strong and stable internet line to be able to enjoy the game streaming service.

– Luna Games Service

It is a service available by Amazon, which is completely new, and it depends on providing a group of channels. You can access the games of a group of companies on these channels, and according to the company’s statements, the library of new service games is still increasing, as the service is still in the process of early Access.

How to use Luna:

All the user needs to subscribe and use Luna is to enter the service page from here, then log in with your Amazon account, request access to Early Access, and then start enjoying the service through its special application, but the service is currently only available in America and it is supposed to be available In the rest of the countries around the world in the coming period, the Luna service from Amazon comes at a monthly subscription price of approximately $ 6.



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