What does Microsoft want from the acquisition of gaming giant Bethesda?


You can ask anyone in the world about his favorite electronic game and the gaming platform he owns, and more than 3 billion people play these games and love them as the most successful way to entertain and entertain with their beautiful stories and different styles, and companies work with thousands of programmers and artists to make, market and sell these games, and interest in the games market is increasing. Because of its huge profits that will reach nearly 200 billion dollars next year, more than the profits of Hollywood films and the music industry combined.

But the electronic games market is heading towards a major and critical juncture, where players will be able to play their games on any screen they own at the time and place they want through cloud gaming services, and giants are competing to control this emerging market that will eliminate in the future all well-known gaming platforms such as PlayStation And xbox.

Details of the huge deal

A few days ago, Microsoft acquired Bethesda Softworks, one of the largest games production and development studios in the world owned by the Media Group specializing in games and entertainment, with a number of associated divisions: id Software, ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog and Roundhouse Studios with Approximately 2,300 employees, in addition to all the rights to famous game chains previously produced by Bethesda, such as Fallout, DOOM and The Elder Scrolls, with a record deal worth $ 7.5 billion in cash, the third-largest acquisition in Microsoft’s history after the LinkedIn and Skype deals.

ZeniMax was founded in 1999, and today owned and managed by Robert Altman and headquartered in Washington, USA, Altman said that the biggest beneficiaries of the deal are gaming enthusiasts in general and Bethesda fans in particular, and he promised that the level of games will be greatly improved and production and development will be transferred to an advanced level with capabilities Microsoft has great cash.

Microsoft is looking through this deal to develop its investment and support the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service by adding all previous Bethesda games, and the 15 million service subscribers will be able to obtain all the games coming from Bethesda on the same day of its release on Xbox and Windows computers.

Different views of the acquisition process and its effectiveness

In recent years, huge technology companies have begun to devour smaller companies with the aim of expansion and monopoly, which is a negative step in the view of all critics because it eliminates competition between production companies, which is the biggest motivation to work seriously according to the rules of fair competition, in addition to the independence of administrative and financial decisions that give emerging and medium companies comfort. Greater business and focus on quality without the greed for the huge profits that companies like Microsoft are accustomed to.

On the other hand, Microsoft represents a generous and steady source of money needed to support Bethesda developers to continue developing famous game series with greater quality and marketing them more broadly and stronger, and those games could be exclusive in the future on Xbox and Windows computers without the rest of the competing platforms such as the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Will the Xbox Series X outperform the PS5 with the help of Bethesda? Or does that have a greater significance?


Microsoft announced the deal with the intensification of competition between its new gaming platform, the Xbox Series X, and its competitor, PlayStation 5 from Sony. Games fans are always confused to choose the best platform that will meet their needs and run all the games they love, and this is what will push Bethesda games fans to move away from PS5 and go to buy a device The new Xbox is the right and declared goal of any company seeking to attract users and increase its profits.

Microsoft sets its sights on controlling the market for games on personal computers as well, as the Game Pass service is also available on the Windows system, so personal computer users will benefit from the new deal for free, away from competing with platforms dedicated to playing and entertainment only.

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Sony focuses in its competition on a constant strategy over the past years and has worked to sponsor promising developers and support their projects without buying their studios, and this is what helped it gain the trust of developers and get a set of exclusive PlayStation games such as Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn, which directs users to stay away from Xbox, in addition to its good relations with Japanese developers who own big games, has fans all over the world such as Final Fantasy and Demon’s Souls.

Microsoft has set its sights on increasing the number of Game Pass subscribers, which allows owning a wide range of games for a small amount of $ 10 per month on Windows, Xbox and Android devices, and looks forward to supporting the project with new games every time, which will direct players to subscribe and give up buying games and pay close to $ 60 per game.

The number of Game Pass subscribers is about 15 million currently, and Microsoft will soon be able to reach 50 million and achieve profits of up to 6 billion dollars from this project alone, without looking at the rest of the platforms and individual games, which will surpass Fortnite’s profits and bring huge sums of money to Microsoft’s treasury immediately. Cyclic.

The main goal behind the big deal


In the near future, the battle for Xbox and PlayStation will end, and everyone will be able to play without any gaming platform through the cloud gaming services launched by Google through the Stadia service, and Microsoft seeks to compete strongly for the future of the entire game market through the XCloud service that is supported by development studios New and long-established game series to keep users away from Stadia.

Despite the enormity of the deal and the great resonance it got, it is very small for Microsoft and its market value exceeds 1.5 trillion US dollars. Will we witness in the future more implementation of the company’s strategies and successive acquisitions, or will Microsoft’s steps be slower in the future? In the corporate world, anything is possible, we just have to wait with anticipation.

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