What are the causes of tendinitis? | Masrawy


2:00 AM

Friday 18 September 2020

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Dr. Axel Klein said that tendinitis is an annoying health problem that may force one to stop exercising for a long time.
The orthopedist and German sports medicine specialist explained that tendinitis has many causes, including wrong movements, overloading, or wearing the wrong shoes, and inflammation may be associated with other diseases such as obesity or other infections.
Inflammation most often affects the Achilles tendon of the heel, the knee disc tendon, or the inner elbow tendons in what is known as the “golfer’s arm” or the external in the “tennis arm”.
Tendon troubles can be dealt with by cooling and applying bandages containing ointments, as well as avoiding burdening the site of inflammation.
To avoid tendinitis, one should not exaggerate in exercising, taking into account wearing appropriate sports shoes, as well as working to lose weight.


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