We fear an explosion over the port of Beirut



Al Ain News Caroline Sabbagh / Beirut
The municipality of Tripoli, the capital of northern Lebanon, has warned of an explosion that threatens the city more than what befell the city of Beirut as a result of the port explosion on August 4.

The head of the Environment and Energy Committee in the municipality, Engineer Muhammad Nur al-Ayoubi, said in a media interview that the persistent negligence in dealing with the gas emissions from the old landfill threatens the city and may lead to an explosion that exceeds the complications of what struck the capital Beirut.

And he called for the need for officials in the Union of Municipalities to carry out their duties to ensure the safety of citizens and prevent a disaster.

Al-Ayoubi said, “The real danger of a large fire covering Tripoli and many surrounding areas, followed by a huge explosion greater than what hit the capital Beirut, all of its elements are present and increased and accelerated with the drilling of the three gas wells. These wells doubled the amount of gas scattered on the surface of the old landfill, where there is dry grass.” It burns from any spark that it catches from cigarette butts or from the reflection of sharp sunlight from glass, tin cans, drinks cans, or any direct sabotage. ”

He added, “At the bottom of the landfill, there are also thousands of used car tires and other flammable waste that is part of the sorting plant run by AMB, and its ignition will inevitably lead to a massive fire covering the skies of Tripoli and the surrounding areas.”

He believed that the sequence of these accidents, if they occurred, would increase the surface temperature of the landfill and cause a huge explosion, and we do not know the extent of its seriousness and the impact of its consequences on Tripoli, the port and the surrounding areas.

The head of the Environment and Energy Committee in the Municipality of Tripoli stated that those who inspect the old landfill make sure, at first glance, how all the elements of the occurrence of fire and explosion are ready in one location.

He stressed that what is required from the Federation of Al-Fayha Municipalities is a quick solution to prevent any fire from occurring in the old landfill through practical steps, including removing the grass from the surface of the landfill at maximum speed, especially from the side near the gas nozzles and close to the sorting plant, removing the wheels and all inflammable materials in the yard of the speed sorting plant Maximum and a review of the viability of gas wells with a specialized company.

The Beirut explosion, which occurred on August 4, resulted in great material losses and more than two hundred deaths and thousands of injuries, as a result of the presence of large quantities of ammonium nitrate, while investigations are still ongoing to find out who is responsible for the existence of these materials without announcing No results until the hour.


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