Watch .. Portuguese team return on foot after losing the cup


Lusitania Loraza, third-tier competitor, left the stadium on foot, following the loss in the Portuguese Cup, after the club’s management decided to leave the team bus without the players, in an incident described by the Players’ Union on Monday as “unfortunate.”

Lorazza lost 1-0 in the first round to his local rival Sao Joao de Vere on Sunday, and Twitter videos showed the team’s players on their way back to the club’s training headquarters, which is about 5 kilometers from the match stadium.

Club president Hugo Mendes told De Noticias that the team had taken the decision as a form of self-criticism and made clear that “there was no penalty.”

However, the Portuguese Players Association said the club had requested the team bus leave without the players. “The federation does not expect the president of Lorazza less to submit an immediate apology to the team, following this unfortunate incident that does not supervise Portuguese football,” the federation said in a statement.

The Portuguese Cup includes 165 teams from the first four divisions of the league, while the clubs of the UEFA Champions League participate in the third round.


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