Watch how Nadine Nassib Najim gave her son his birthday


Lebanese actress drew Nadine Nassib Njeim A video prepared by one of her vans includes photos that she collects of her son Giovanni from several occasions, and the account published the video on the occasion of Giovanni’s birthday, which happened yesterday, the 13th of August.
In this context, Nadine published the video and attached it with touching words to Giovanni, saying: “Happy birthday to my first and only love. Never, and my heart rejoices in you. I love you so much.

The video, published by Nadine, garnered more than 820,000 views, and comments on it approached the barrier of 3,000
And with every appearance of Nadine, whether alone or with any of her two children, she becomes the talk of social media, especially since the public has become eager in the recent period to see Nadine and watch her on the screen, especially since she was absent in Ramadan 2020 from the filmed works.

Nadine, who was injured in the Beirut explosion that occurred on August 4, was not weakened by what happened with her, but rather she faced what she was subjected to with full force, clinging to the saying that it is destiny and destiny and that life should go on.

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