Watch: How did Tim Hassan respond to the description of “prestige” in the series “Al-Zawarnah and Al-Tashbih”?


The Syrian artist, Tim Hassan, responded to the questions of his followers on Twitter, on Tuesday evening, announcing at the same time the possibility of filming a fifth part of the series (prestige) if the audience’s reactions were good, which is considered a surprise, especially since those in charge of it indicated that the fourth part It would be the last for the drama.Hassan also revealed through his tweets that he is not currently attending any work for the upcoming Ramadan season, indicating that the Corona virus has stopped most of his work, according to (Nort).

In response to a follow-up, asking him to stop publishing “thuggery and chastity series in the Arab world”, Tim Hassan said: “What? What are the advantages of twenty and the East in your honor? The hungry, warrior, the poor, the hungry, the reactionary sectarian, etc. … Vicky is a realist, and you / you are attacking and the other is an oppressive one. A series; among foreigners, hundreds of these works and societies are relatively stable.

And after the follow-up answered him that “all of these problems that you listed in your response are caused by these hooliganism and antagonism that led to sectarianism,” said Tim Hassan, laughing, “This is hysterical, we are the reason, not the other way around.”

Tim Hassan’s relationship with his media wife, Wafaa Al-Kilani, has always been the subject of widespread controversy among followers, especially after his divorce from the Syrian artist Dima Bayaa, from whom he has two sons (Ward and Fahad). Therefore, one of the followers asked him, “How is a good loyalty?”, And he responded, confirming that their relationship is based on Alright, so he said, (I invite you).

It is worth noting that the Syrian artist Tim Hassan is awaiting the presentation of the fourth part of the series (The Prestige of Response), written by Hozan Akko and directed by Samer Al-Barqawi, produced by the Al-Sabah Brothers Company, and starring an elite of the stars of Syria and Lebanon, and it was supposed to be shown in Ramadan 2020, but the Corona virus He was postponed due to the failure to film.

It is noteworthy that Tim Hassan has achieved through this work with its three parts, which have shown great success in the Arab world since the first part was broadcast in 2017.


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