Watch … An Iraqi lost his dearest possession in the war so that Corona came and starved his children


When general isolation measures were imposed in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul last March, Muhammad Sattar found himself unable to see his old friends, who he and his family had relied on for their support.

Despite the easing of the general isolation measures two weeks ago, the economic crisis caused by the Corona virus pandemic still makes the friends of Star – who lost his legs when his home was bombed in 2017 – unable to help him as much as before.

The 39-year-old says that his ultimate dream is to obtain compensation from the government, similar to what hundreds of civilians in Mosul promised to receive after they were wounded during the battles to retake the city from ISIS militants. But he is still waiting after 3 years have passed since what happened to him.

Sattar was a porter in the Bab al-Saray market in Mosul, carrying merchants’ goods on a wooden cart in the narrow streets of the Old City.


Currently, his previous home, where his mother and sister were killed in the bombing, is nothing but a pile of rubble. And Starr explains that all his belongings and memories were gone.

“Since the city was retaken from the Islamic State and until now, I have counted on God Almighty and the righteous,” he said. Since the lockdown has been eased, Sattar has gone to the market, where he worked, and his old friends give him food, other supplies and some money.

Star added that he was not able to feed his children during the restrictions that were imposed to limit the outbreak of the Corona virus. The young man lives with amputated legs with 3 of his sons, while a fourth son lives for him with relatives who take care of him.

Marwa Salah Salem, head of the Fajr al-Hadba volunteer team that helps victims of the war, said it was taking a long time for compensation recipients.

The head of the compensation committee in Nineveh Governorate, Judge Uqla Al-Juhaishi, said, “The patient must bring a medical report to us to prove his condition, otherwise we are obliged to request a written statement from the doctor.”

When Starr tried to apply, he was able to provide certificates from some agencies, but then he was asked to bring a doctor’s certificate.

“The judge asked me to bring the doctor’s testimony. How can I get the doctor who amputated my leg while he is an American?” He asked.

Al-Juhaishi said that if the victim is not able to obtain a medical report and cannot reach the doctor who treated him, he can obtain a medical report from the Forensic Medical Authority in Mosul, and bring witnesses from the neighborhood and the mayor.


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