Warning of rallies … a German scientist detonates a surprise about Vero’s persistence


1:58 PM

Monday 07 September 2020

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The emerging corona virus appears to be preparing to deliver a new shock to the world, after a British scientist revealed a resounding surprise about the continuation of the pandemic.

“Masrawy” reviews what the German scientist said about the continuation of the Corona virus, and his warning of gatherings, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Professor Hendrik Strik, a German researcher in the field of HIV and epidemiology and director of the Institute for Virus Research at the University of Bonn, warns the scientist leading the battle against Corona, of the possibility of banning gatherings or home parties for a period of three years until 2023, because the virus will not disappear. Saying.

The professor adds, that cases of corona virus will increase, until 2023, in light of the lack of a vaccine yet, as a result, the virologist says that parties and other large gatherings will need to stop completely in order to reduce the infection.

The professor continues: “This virus will not disappear. It has now become part of our daily life. It will stay with us for three years and we have to find a way to live with it.”

The professor added that one of the most important ways to control the virus is to stop “super-spread events” such as home parties or gatherings.

He continues: “We know that social distancing and wearing a muzzle can have a profound effect on preventing the spread of infection. These are simple measures that can help stop the spread if you have large numbers of infections.”

Professor Strick is part of a team leading the epidemic response campaign in Heinsberg, one of the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus in Germany near the Dutch border.

Professor Strick said that the vaccine that is being developed for the virus was possible, but there were doubts about how long it would take to become available, “The vaccine may be the solution but we do not know when it is available. It is possible that we will have a vaccine, but it may be next year or more.” .


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