Virtual parties for Balsma Jarrah Beirut


The devastating explosion that rocked Beirut on August 4, left more than 200 casualties, 7,000 wounded, and more than 300,000 others homeless. In light of this tragedy, Rebuild Beirut Benefit launched a series of virtual concerts entitled Beirut Calling, the proceeds of which go to local organizations that carry out immediate and long-term work to help the people of the capital and Lebanon recover and rebuild, especially the marginalized groups (LGBT people, refugees, foreign workers. ..). Every weekend during the current month of September, the audience will have a new party, with the participation of a group of Lebanese, Arab and foreign artists. Beginning, after tomorrow, Friday, the one-month anniversary of the tragedy. Thus, the Lebanese singer Zaid Hamdan will appear with the Syrian singer Lynn Adeeb as part of their new partnership, “Burger Badawi,” J Solomon, Joan Safadi, and the group “Pressure Cooker” and Sami Basbous, with the presenters Jad Abu Murad (Radiolab), Dana Ballout and Tamara Rasamni (Kerning Cultures) ) And the Lebanese-American director, Judd Shehab.
Beirut Calling Concert: Friday, September 4, at ten in the evening – To inquire:

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