Vinials shines and wins the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix


The Yamaha Maverick Vinyales won the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, the seventh round of the MotoGP World Championship for the 2020 season.

During the Moto 2 race, red flags were displayed and the race was suspended due to rain, but the start of the first category race was not affected by this, as the track was dry when preparations for the start.

For the second race in a row in San Marino, the crowd stood at 9,900.

After the red lights went out, Jack Miller’s run was good, after which the race led to two turns before Maverick Venials returned to the top against Bramack Racing duo Jack Miller and Francesco Banaya and Fabio Quartararo in fourth place.

On the first lap Aprilia Racing cyclist Alex Espargaro withdrew from the race, and in the second lap Valentino Rossi fell off his bike in the fourth turn, followed by Brad Bender skidding at Turn 14 as he was competing with Bramack Racing duo.

On the same lap, Paul Espargaro managed to reach third behind Banaya in second place and Vinials in the lead, while Quartararo was still stuck in fourth place, and after returning to the track after the first accident, Bender slid off his bike again in the first corner and completely out of the race .

At that stage, Banaya started chasing Vinales, and at the beginning of the sixth lap, Banaya advanced to the lead and the Yamaha rider fell to second place, and on the same lap the Ducati duo Andrea Dovicioso and Danilo Petrucci were in the 10th and 11th places, respectively, at a difficult weekend for the Italian manufacturer.

On the lap, Banaya teammate Jack Miller entered the pit and withdrew from the race, during which Dovicioso advanced to ninth place, behind Honda cyclist Alex Marquez in eighth place.

With 12 laps remaining, Rossi completely withdrew from the race, as he was unable to advance due to the accident suffered by the Italian due to damage to some parts of the bike.

Paul Espargaro started in third place, moving away from fourth-placed Quartararo, but things changed after Banaya slipped off his bike from the lead, to return Vinials to the top of the race, followed by Paul Espargaro in second and Quartararo in third.

As soon as he led the race, Venials made a 4-second difference over Espargaro, and at that point Quartararo was trying to pressure the KTM rider to advance to second place, but the latter was defending well.

Mir then began to approach the second and third place battle between Ispargaro and Quartararo, and Suzuki and Petronas riders began chasing the KTM cyclist on lap 23 of 27 laps.

On lap 25, Mir advanced to second place before Espargaro after a successful overtaking in the first corner, after which he lost the KTM rider third place to Quartararo, but the French imposed a penalty on him for the “long lap”.

Vinials crossed the finish line, winning the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, followed by Mir in second place and Quartararo in third place, but the latter imposed a penalty on the long lap, and due to the end of the race and non-compliance with the penalty imposed on him a time penalty of 3 seconds on his timing, and so Paul Espargaro On the podium.

Fourth place is in favor of Quartararo, ahead of Oliveira in fifth, Takaki Nakagami in sixth, and Alex Marquez in seventh.

Eighth place went to Dovicioso, ahead of Morbiddelli in ninth place and Danilo Petrucci in tenth.


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