Video circulation of a Saudi doctor announcing a treatment for Corona, which has been tried on 100 patients … and health is suspended


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated a video clip of a Saudi doctor claiming to have discovered a vaccine for the new Corona virus, or what is known as “Covid-19”, after it was tested on 100 patients, as he put it.

The doctor said in the circulating video clip: “I would like to tell you about a wonderful medicine for treating corona, as I submitted a few months ago to the Scientific Research Department at the Ministry of Health with my discovery of a herbal medicine, which is extracted from several natural herbs in precise and specific quantities, and thank God I obtained this license to apply this research clinically .. ”

He added: “This drug was called YM32 .. It was tested on 100 patients with severe cases of Covid-19 disease after taking their written approval on that and comparing their results with 100 patients of the same severity who were not on our medication and the difference was very large and impressive ..”

Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed commented on the circulating video clip, saying, with a tweet: “I do not question the knowledge of the doctor, may God bless him and reward him, but the announcement of a drug discovery for Corona is a very big matter that should be announced by the responsible authorities in the state and the Ministry of Health in particular .. Especially … That the doctor, may God grant him peace, says that the drug was tried on dangerous cases after its approval and it succeeded .. We are waiting for an official opinion, ”before the publisher of the clip removed the video.

The Saudi Ministry of Health followed a tweet on its official page on Twitter, saying: “A reference to the video circulating about a doctor’s claim that there is a cure for (Covid 19). We would like to clarify that the Kingdom has specialized bodies and controls for research, and in the event of sound scientific results, the research passes with professional accreditation And publish my knowledge after arbitration, and any contradictory allegation we warn against, and those who carry it will be held accountable according to the regulations. “


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