Video: An attack on a Saudi model in a public place is causing a stir in the Kingdom



Well-known Saudi model and blogger, Ziyad Al-Misfer.

A video clip circulated on social networking sites documenting the assault by a group of young men, the well-known Saudi fashion model and blogger, Ziyad Al-Misfir, sparked widespread repercussions in Saudi Arabia.

And a video has spread on social media since September 3, showing Al-Musafir, who is one of the most prominent fashion models in Saudi Arabia, trying to escape from young men who mocked him and assaulted him in a public place in a street in the Saudi capital Riyadh, where they threw what was in their hands .

Ziad Al-Misfir appears in the rolling clip, wearing clothes similar to women’s clothes, in addition to his famous appearance with his long hair knotted back, which caused people to mock him while walking in a public place, after they circled around him, and one of them pulled him by his hair.

One of those accompanying the Saudi model tried to defend him, but the young men continued to follow him, which sparked widespread criticism by activists on social networking sites who described what happened as racism.

Al-Musafir is famous among the Saudi youth circles for his short videos that are widely circulated, in addition to being a model who constantly publishes his photos through his account on “Instagram”.

Source: Saudi media + “Twitter”


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